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Homepage for Frank C. Jensen
a. About Frank (from all main pages) Frank's journey from 404 lbs. to 240 lbs in one year
  1 Before and After (from About Frank) Photos of Frank As he lost 160 lbs. in 12 months
b. Frank's Favorites (from all main pages)  a list and description of Frank's favorite web sites and all the URL and links to the sites described  
c. Frank's Pets (from all main pages) Photos of Frank's pets past and present  
d. Frank's Family (from all main pages) Describes Franks three separate families and how they came to be.  
  Photo galleries on and Flickr  
e. Frank's Projects (from all main pages) Frank's house remodel project and a photo documentary of the progress  
f. Family Photo Gallery # 1(from all main pages) A photo gallery of some of Frank's family members  
g. Frank's Travels (from all main pages) A travel log of Frank's travels over the past months and previews of what's coming up  
h. ATI Frank's work (from Home) A one page website with  related links of Frank's inspection agency  
i. Site map (from home) A one page map with link locations and description of the contents  
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