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 ~  Frank Jensen's Family  ~             

Frank and the Five Greers (Step sibblings)

Sharon with Freya (step Daughter)

Sharon & David

Carolyn's Hubbie, Bill with Warren.

Wife Cindi (20 years)

Cindi on Emmy night.

Mother & Son

Brother-in-Law, Eric V. Show S.D Padrea

David Bacca (Soul Brother)

Loren pretending to work

Loren with good friend Misty

Aunt Lu Lu

Grand Children, Mathew Joe and Allison Anne Jensen

My Mom and Web Friend

My Mother, Lilly G. Lang

First Son, Paul Lawrence Jensen with Wife Christina and kids.

Step Father, Rex E. Greer

Rex with Family Boots & Sabrina

Bith Father, Tage Jensen

Rex's brother, Vernon Greer

Cindi's Mother, Yvonne Berry


Alex getting ready for night-night.

Callie also getting ready for bed



Giggett in the lounge chair

Huey, our fixer-upper

Huey helpin on the remodel

Linus think he's a dog

Deffinately looks like a cat

Midnight now about 18 people years old

Blind and deaf but his spirit is at 100%

Hussy came with the house and finaaly decided that we could stay.







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