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~~The Patio From Hell~~


I started this crazy house remodel about 3 months ago after deciding that I would probably never move again since housing has gone so high. At first, I just wanted to do a couple of things to improve its looks and then a few repairs.

Now... I've got another 6-8 months worth of things to do that simply adds up to a complete remodel, inside and out.
How I Decided what to do first and why I
decided to do those improvements - 

First of all this is not even a house. Yes, you guessed it. I'm trailer trash. Well actually only half trailer trash. The other half is scab contractor because I've already added on a bedroom and bath to the back of the house, I mean trailer thus making it a hybrid. That sounds much better than what it really is. An old uninsurable worthless mobile home valued at minus something with an un-permitted addition in the back.

With that in mind however, I'll take my monthly payments over anyone else's I know and many of them would consider giving up their planned community tract house for mine as long as they also got my monthly payment.

So it now becomes a simple matter of taste and economics. At the end of the day, home is just what you make it, nothing more, nothing less.

Since I stared out with 'nothing more and a whole lot less, I decided that it would be quicker, cheaper and easier  for me to do all this kick ass work in order to change my houses social status rather than sell it to some completely blind and totally crazy person with absolutely no sense of worth or  clue concerning property value. That really narrows now my target group of potential buyers.

If your not completely bored yet or turned off at the thought of remodeling then check out my photos below and see how it's been going. When your done with that, you also visit my other sites for: Family photos  and more family photos family pets. I've also got some slide shows working on my overseas trips.

 Very cool web sites - I've also run across or been told about some real cool places on the web that have been very helpful and even fun Cool links .Check them out also.

By now I hope you're wondering why I'm wasting time writing to either nobody, or to complete strangers who obviously have way to much time on their hands and thus make a habit or hobby out of reading other complete strangers meaningless, unexciting, in fact boring stuff on a totally obscure web site.  Yep, I just described you. Gotcha!

Thank you for asking. I'm not doing this for you. this web site is for the benefit of my family and friends (both of them) so that they can keep up with my fast lane life style. But if anyone else could possibly be interested, then so be it. If this is you, don't bother signing the quest book because I don't want to know you. Just kidding!! lighten up. It was a joke besides I won't tell anyone what you do for fun. I'm adding some family photos for family that live far away because I've found it to be easier than emailing photo to these dummies who either can't open them due to the PC dummy syndrome or they are still on dial up service so it takes a week to download anything. They then blame me for their outdated crap not working at the speed of light (like mine).

Lastly- I have a very interesting job and it takes me to some pretty interesting places outside of our safe little trouble free country where the internet almost always works the way you want and expect it to.  So with this site I can go in while Iím travel and leave messages, photos or arrival news and just anything that tickles my fancy and only have to do it once. I don't have to decide who will want the information or not and don't care. They all know about it and if they want to see photos of my trip to Asia, then cool, if not, screw them. They don't have to look. Travel Photos and information

 House Remodel Pics.

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