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 ~~ Here are some web sites That I've found either fun, useful, interesting or just wacky ~~

I don't care how long the internet has been around, I'm always going to be amazed at the amount of information that is available to us in just a few seconds and very cheap! Technology just kills me!

I guess it was about 2 or 3 years after my first PC that I was on line looking something up for a project I was working on. As usual, I found what I needed and was on my way to finish up when I happened to walk through my grossly over crowed family room. I muttered to myself as I'd done often, "I've got to do something about all the crap in this room" Then all of a sudden I noticed this huge, ugly, hard to keep clean pain in the ass book case that was about 7' long and stretched all the way to the ceiling which I'd had for at least 25 years. I couldn't believe my next realization. We haven't as much as even touched anything on that bookcase in 2 or 3 years! Why? because we don't need it any more! What an idiot! It took me that long to see that this thing can go and when it does, my whole problem with that room will be solved. I couldn't believe it. I just never stopped long enough to see it. That book case had always been a fixture in my house and moved with me every time I did because we couldn't exit without it.  It was an important part of our lives and took a long time to get as complete as it was, not to mention the investment made over all the years. I can't imagine how much but know it's way more than the cost of a PC. It used to be very functional but now, everything is out of date, dusty and just not needed any more. That was a great day for me even if it did take 3 years to see. It really drove home just how powerful the internet is. not only is everything in the world at your immediate disposal, it also  takes up less space than a bread box. My family room looks great now that the book case is history. Everything we had in there, we still have but it's better and always up  to date.

The only reason this page is even here is because it seems like you are just supposed to have a favorites page. Everybody has them and the website software I used, made me have it. Who am I to argue? So here it is.

Title Type/Description URL
Log me in

This is a site where you can download software that allows you to connect to your home or office PC from your laptop anywhere on the planet. There is a free version and a pay version. The price is not bad for the pay version and it's real convenient if you travel  with a lap top and need something from your home or work PC.
Boot Disk

This was one of the first websites I ever visited on a regular basis after I started working on my own PC. There is lots of good information about all operating systems and tips on how to fix common problems, install tweaks and speed up your systems. There are also links to other sites for issues not addressed on this site.


Flash Buttons

This site is where I got all my Flash buttons. There is a free version and a pay version. It's very easy to make and download buttons from this site and there are many to choose from in the free version.

This is a very useful site and is also where I store all my photo galleries and slide shows. I used the free version for a long time and then needed more freedom to add projects but the free version will do just fine for hobbyists.


You send it

Do you know anyone who you sometimes like or need to send large files to but their system or ISP won't accommodate large files? I do and it's a pain in the ass. This is a free site that allows you to upload files, then it sends the recipient an email with a link to where they can go to download them. There is also a place where you can put a message to the recipient. It's free and real cool. No email hassles either.
Go Daddy

Godaddy is where my domain is registered and also where my website is hosted. Their prices are very good or as good as anyone else's and they have  lots to offer. I know there are many providers of these services out there but I certainly have had no complaints about these people. I'm hooked up for the next ten years and love the service. I signed up with them back when they were still relatively new. Now they've become quite big and popular.
Google Earth

You probably already know about this site. If not, just go check it out. This is the coolest thing since remote control TV. I'm truly amazed that I can just enter an address and the satellite image just flies right to that address and there is is. You're actually looking at it from overhead. The images are from real satellite pictures and are available from anywhere in the world. Type in your own address and see your whole neighborhood from overhead. It amazing!
Rasterbator This is goofy as hell but even I feel that way once in a while. this site lets you upload a photo and it splits it up into many sections so the photo is blown up as many times as you want. you then can print out the photo onto as many 8 1/2 x 11 sheet as you've entered. You then put them all together like a jig saw puzzle. I did one of me (of course) and it was huge!.
A.I. Technology Group This guy Jay Alame, the boss of this place is real cool and knows what he's doing. if you need a web site built or need an internet guy at your work or need repairs on your equipment and live near riverside Ca. Here's the man. He'll take good care of you, and if he can't, he has someone working for him that can. He doesn't  know I mentioned his company on my site. (As if it would have any impact on his business, sure!). He has really helped us out after hiring several fly-by-night outfits that didn't know their... you know!
My Space Well, what can I say? both of my younger kids, all of their friends and even my wife and people she knows all have a web site through this outfit. I just found out about it recently. It has become very popular amongst the youngsters and oldsters as well. It seems safe enough and appears to be a fun place to share, express yourself and communicate with your friends and family . Also a good place to get started building web sites. Their online tools are easy to work with and you get plenty of space to go crazy with like my family has. I don't have anything there but I did reserve a space with my name just for the hell of it. Why not? it's free.
Devlobby Do you have any old black and white photos you would like to have in color? Sure you do. This is where to do it. The software is free and it works good. Just scan in the photo ten go to work. It does it for you and the photo looks like it was taken in color. Better than PhotoShop! Give it a whirl!

So there you have it, for now at least. This should get better as time moves on. I hope.

There aren't very many sites listed here but I will be adding to my list as I discover cool places on the web. Most of these sites were pointed out to me by others because I just don't get around the web that much. I've learned one thing about the internet and that is you have to know how to get around on it and you have to speak the language or you'll never find what you're looking for. you know?

I love it whenever someone turns me on to a cool web site. Do you know of any? Let me know! I've got this real sharp youngster working for me that seems to have that knack to find the really unusual, or useful or interesting web sites. I don't know how he does it but he is always showing me some site that is so out there that I can't imagine what the search term was to get there  or any time I need information, it seems like it takes him only a few seconds and he's got it on the web. Maybe you just have to have it, huh? Well It sure doesn't come easy for me and this kid, really pisses me off daily! Just kidding Nate.

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