Welcome to China !


My Trip to China is turning out to be a good one!

To say the least, my trip  to China has been even more that I expected. I've only been here three days and I've already had a wonderful time.

I've done and seen some really interesting things so far thanks to my great Hosts, Ms. Jiao Hong of the Shandong Huanri group, the President of Huanri Mr. Pan Shuchang, Mr. Cai Huangqiao and Mr. Li De Qing of Authorized Testing, Inc. I must not forget our very capable and talented Driver Mr. Wong.

So far my colleague and I have shopped on the streets of Qingdao, we've had dinner with the Mayor of Laizhou Shandong the Honorable Jing Xu Dong, we were invited to attend a traditional Chinese wedding where we  enjoyed some wonderful food and entertainment, drank lots of good wine and finally got to meet the young lucky couple as they went off for their Chinese honeymoon. I did not ask but I'd be willing to bet that even though their weddings are quite different from ours,  the honeymoon  is exactly like ours! Some things just don't change no matter how far apart you live.

The one thing that really stands out and I'll mention this again in other articles is the warmth and kindness these people of China have shown us. I can tell it's genuine because it comes so easy for them. These people are truly what they appear to be.

There are a few photos to see and a movie clip of the wedding. It's not the best quality because I actually took it with my digital still camera. So don't crucify me for the cinematography. I know it sucks but it will work in a pinch. The link to everything I have is below. Have at it!

Day four in China was even better than days 1,2 and three. The good news is that we've still got the rest of this week and part of next week to soak up all of China we can. The bad news is that we'll then have to go back home to reality with the hustle and bustle of American life. I guess reality is just what it is and that is what we must find the best in on a daily basis. For that, it doesn't get any better than home. I can't say how much I would like it here if I had to be here. That's a whole different story. Kind of like grand children that you get to visit  only on your terms. When they're a pain in the ass, they go home to Mon. So I imagine that visiting some far any place like China is very cool knowing that you get to go home when the jobs over. The culture is so different here that it would be difficult for an old relic like me to adjust.

One thing is for sure and that's that  I am a very lucky man to have the opportunities  to visit these places. It truly makes a person more worldly to see how the people live their daily lives far away from ours.

There will be much more to talk about  as we travel to other parts of China over the next couple of weeks and then on to Tainan City Taiwan.  Now there's an interesting place. I've already been there for two weeks so this should be old hat but it will still be fun because my traveling partner and colleague has never been so I'll get to be the one who knows what to expect. Taiwan? very interesting, very interesting.....

Now! go check out the China photos and wedding video! Bye!

Our fifth day was long and tiring as we did lots of work today. However that was the plan so no big deal, Yes, we do work when we're traveling which may be contrary to some people's belief. Not only that but the work is hard so the rewards are just part of it. Our clients recognize our efforts or there would be no VIP treatment. They're not stupid over here. They are actually smarted than the average business people. That's why they need us.

There is one thing I failed to mention about our dinner with the Mayor, and that is that there are actually 2 Mayors that  take care of this huge city. One for domestic matters and one for foreign business matters. Well,  tonight we'll go to dinner with the other Mayor. Of course that also will be quite an honor as we know these people are very busy. It was flattering to find out that our presence there was seen as very important to this city's future economy and so this is why the politicians had made a point of seeing us while we were there. Who knew?

Tomorrow is our last day in Laizhou. We will leave Thurs. morning for Yongkang which is a 2 hour flight south of here in a whole different part of China. We've never been there and have never met our hosts. So this will be interesting at the least. But  first, we have one whole day to do a little more sight seeing and also to gather up some souvenirs for the folks that put up with us going away all the time. We must not forget them.

 It's time for dinner with the Honorable Wang Zhi Chu of  Laizhou, China in the province of Shandong. We'll chat some more tonight when I return. See you then!

As usual, dinner was yummy. By now it's no secret that our mission here in Laizhou has been successful, which has made our hosts very happy because a large part of their financial future has been invested on the premise that this would be a good visit. Now we can  relax and enjoy our last day with the wonderful people with whom we have spent the past five days without the worry of perhaps disappointing them after they had spent so much time and energy in  presenting  themselves and their business to us in their very best form.

In our business, this is  the nightmare you always have rolling in the back of your mind. And that is the thought of and very real possibility of them failing, so it's a huge relief when it ends up like this.

Tomorrow, we have our official exit meeting, say our appreciation and thank you, and then get our last minute shopping done just in time to do it all over again two hours by jet south of here in a facility very similar to this one who is seeking the same approval for the same reason.

So I'm sure these folks will also be doing their very best to show us a good time while also showing us their best side as manufacturers. A lot is riding on the way they demonstrate their technical ability and how it comes across to us will be very important no matter how good we are treated beforehand.

One thing is for certain, the folks here in China are not interested in trying to deceive us. There is a good chance that our entire visit here will have happy endings for our clients/hosts. Hopefully our next stop and the one after that will turn out the same as this one.

I'll be back in a couple of days with more  of this......

Well, I'm here. Where's here? Yongkang, Zhejiang, China. This place is in the south east part of the country. Where I just came from was in the north east. I've got four days here and it to is already turning out to be nice. I don't have any photos yet but by tomorrow night, I will. First I need to get some work done. Yep, work is what brings me to these real nice places so I had better not forget that or the fun stops! I'll have more to see after the work gets done.

Well, I've actually gone home and went back to China. This time Beijing! And there are many photos of this beautiful city. So follow the links t Beijing.

There are also links to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City! have fun!




Stay in touch....there's more to come!