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 Authorized Testing, Inc.

This is my office in Riverside CA. My work is very unusual and at times exciting. I can say that there is never a boring moment here. As the V.P. I'm fortunate enough to do some traveling all over the world doing very important work on behalf of our Government as well as several others  Our main office is staffed with about 11 of the best people in this industry with  about 30 team members worldwide. Our duties are described on the company web site and also on my dedicated page.

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Have you ever been to Aberdeen?

The Pond Is Finally Finished!

Latest back yard video May 2008!


Welcome to www.fjensen.com

About 1 year ago I began a small repair project on my house. I figured it would maybe take an hour or two.

One thing led to another and I just kept on going. I've completely remodeled the outside and re-landscaped the front yard.

I'm now working on the back yard where I'm putting in two fish ponds, an in-ground spa and a tropical garden with all bamboo fencing.

Next I'm tearing out the entire  kitchen and living room. Follow my progress at:

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In the dictionary, next to the word friend there should be this photo of my best friend Midnight. This guy was everything that was ever said about man's best friend and would have made the best poster dog.

Thanks for many years of joy and unconditional friendship. This guy was one of those dogs that gave the family it's reputation and lived that every day. Truly the perfect friend. I can't think of one thing that I would have changed about him except his life span. Although he lived a long and healthy life, it wasn't long enough for me. I'll always miss him and think about him daily. He passed away peacefully at the ripe old age of 18 still managing to wag his tail whenever one of us came in his room.  Our family pets have always been a major part of our life and all of them are special.  They have their own place on my web site.

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One reason I decided to go ahead and fix up the old house is because I realized that I'd gotten old and never managed to get that million bucks I had planned on many years ago. Therefore if I'm going to retire and not be forced to lower my standard of living, I'd have to do it without a mortgage.

I was 404 lbs 2 years ago and if I had stayed that way, I probably wouldn't have to worry about making ends meet during retirement. I would have died long before.

When you're that heavy, you've got some real serious problems and you better address them before it's to late. don't continue kidding yourself because that will just waste more time. The clock keeps on ticking while you are on those dead-end diets that you know won't work. So if you are already in your 40's or more, it's time for some drastic measures. Why? because look at how doing it your way has worked for you, another 29 lbs. and deeper in debt.

For me, it was simple. I loved to eat and was programmed to eat whenever I wasn't full, not when I was hungry. I was never hungry. I made sure of that!

I lost 160 lbs. in only 12 months and feel like a different person. I look  like one too. If this sound familiar, you better check it out, I feel great!

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My job affords me the opportunity to travel and visit many different countries. So of course I've got photos and slide shows and even some Media Player video clips. In addition to the photos and videos on this site, I've got close to 4,000 photos that can be viewed separately, in a slide show, and even downloaded from the web with excellent quality. You can even designate the size you want to download.


You can also go to my page dedicated only to my travel news and even more photos.

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Frank Jensen- February 2007

255 lbs. and still fighting to keep it off.


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